wallaceburg museum

The Wallaceburg & District Museum is celebrating their 30th anniversary this weekend.

A 30th anniversary celebration (1984 – 2014) will be taking place tomorrow, July 5, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is free admission for the day and refreshments.

Drop by their location at 505 King Street.

The Museum has been busy doing some fundraising to upgrade the bathrooms in the facility, and they have been refurbishing the centennial mural from downtown Wallaceburg as well.

Elaine Gatt, a volunteer at the museum, says the mural needs re-painting.

“We’re committed to doing this job of re-painting it but we would like some help,” she said. “The panels will be taken down and cleaned, and then painted here and then put back up. We’ll probably take three or four panels at a time.”

Gatt said they are looking for volunteers to help, and they are looking to raise about $1,000 in donations to help with the cost.

Give the museum a call at 519-627-8962.