Monday, November 18, 2019

Faas ‘pleased’ and ‘relieved’ with re-election

Joe Faas

Dresden’s Joe Faas is both pleased and relieved to be re-elected in Ward 4-North Kent.

“Elections are funny, you never know what they’re going to turn out like,” he said. “Your past performance speaks for itself when you’re in politics. Every day, people see what you are made of.”

Faas gathered 2631 votes, good for 39.18% of the vote in Ward 4, behind fellow incumbent Leon Leclair.

“Leon and I have worked very well together,” he said. “We sort of look after each other. He is from the south end of the Ward, while I’m in the North end. We work well together if their is a concern in one area, Leon and I talk about it, work things out and see how we can resolve the issue and support each other on that.”

Faas said he is going to continue to focus on infrastructure funding in North Kent, along with economic development and tourism through the Dresden Raceway.

“We need to do whatever we can to encourage that,” Faas said.

This will be Faas’ fourth term on Chatham-Kent council.

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