Mitchells Bay (25)

After landing on a Globe and Mail list as one of the top retirement hot spots across Canada, Chatham-Kent has now been featured in the national newspaper.

The Globe hired freelance reporters to write articles about the six communities on their list.

The articles look at the “baby boomers” – people born between 1945 and 1964 – and what they are doing now that they are entering retirement.

The Chatham-Kent feature, written by Shelley White, appeared on the Globe website today (January 21) and highlights a number of facts about Chatham-Kent, including:

– Low cost of living

– Friendly, small-town atmosphere

– Close proximity to international airports

– Mild climate

– Provincial parks

– Plentfiul beaches

– Rich agricultural industry

– Two hospitals, one in Chatham, one in Wallaceburg

Attractions such as the Chatham Capitol Theatre and fishing at Mitchell’s Bay were also discussed in the article.

Read the full story here: Retire in Chatham-Kent and don’t break the bank