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New location on display at BIA open house


The Nail Place And Esthetics is offering up some great discounts and offers on Thursday during the Downtown Wallaceburg Holiday Open House.

Nortina Bell, owner of the 368 James Street business, said there are going to have some local and Canadian-made products on sale.

“Our Freetoes, is a Canadian girl who was eight when she started the company. She was on Dragon’s Den actually which is pretty cool. Those are really fun. Those socks are really popular. They are toe less socks. They are really popular in the winter time for pedicures so that you can still have warm feet. People who do yoga seem to like it,” Nortina said.

“So we will have a special on those. It will be 30% for the regular prices for the rest of our stuff. We are also doing gift certificates. So when you buy in increments of $20, you will get an extra $5.”

Nortina said they are also going to have 20% off all their products from Hair Tree, “which is awesome and that will actually be carried over to Friday as well. Hair Tree is the natural hair and body products, which is made in Dresden,” she said.

Nortina said she opened up shop three doors down when she first opened her business.

“I bought an existing business and we just kind of went from there,” she said.

“I worked by myself at first. It was called Wallaceburg Nails and Spa and the previous owner moved away so we ended up acquiring the business. I was working by myself probably for about a year or so. It started off nice and small. Very nice, intimate kind of shop and now there are five of us total.”

Nortina said with the expansion, they don’t just do manicures, pedicures and false nails, they also have eyelash extensions, eyebrow grooming, waxing and threading.

“There is not a lot of threading around here, so that is nice to have,” she said.

Patrick Iem offers threading at the shop.

“It’s using 100% cotton. It comes from India where this originated, it pulls out the eyebrow hair from the root. It’s almost like tweezing but you are doing a straight line. This is for more sensitive skin instead of waxing,” Patrick said.

Nortina Bell, Patrick Iem, Chelsea Williams, Kelsey O’Neil, Rickie McClean all provide services at the shop.

Nortina added they also do wedding and birthday parties.

“For the kids birthday parties, it usually works for up to the age of 10. After that they want a manicure and hangout thing. The kids parties we do a craft, we get a cake from Cheryl from CK Spices, Coffee & Teas or she will do little cupcakes in the shape of nail polish bottles which is so fun. They get a mani/pedi and we provide snacks and drinks too.”

For wedding parties “we basically book the whole day off depending on the size of the wedding party and what they are looking for.

“We have group rate discounts and we can put that together for them for brides and the bridal party too,” Nortina said.

Nortina said they are looking to get a whole pedicure bench system in the shop.

“So we will be able to accommodate several people at a time which is really nice and hopefully a kids pedicure area,” she said.

She said they also do eyelash extensions.

“We do not do a lash count, so every single one of your eyelashes will get a false lash attached to it. A lot of the times people will do 40 or 45 per eye, we do all of them. Its $95 which is awesome.”

Nortina said they can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus as well.

You can also book online at

“You can book anytime you want and you can book up to a year in advance,” she said.

The Wallaceburg BIA is hosting their annual downtown Wallaceburg Holiday Open House on Thursday, November 19 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Many downtown merchants will be offering specials, in-store promotions, samples and much more.

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