Wednesday, February 26, 2020

‘Cruise ship’ atmosphere at Oaks Retirement Village


Just over a year old, the Oaks Retirement Village in Wallaceburg is thriving as a 61 bed retirement home, providing full scale and service living for all of their residents.

Andrew McClintock, general manager, says they have great amenities at the Oaks.

“Basically when you are here, it is like a cruise ship,” he said.

“We have got wonderful areas where people can do things. We have a games room, a theatre, a full salon where we do hair and nails, we have a pool that is available so any resident who is here is able to use our pool. We have a fabulous dining area and lots of outdoor space for people to have fun with.

Andrew said other options include:

– Care services

– Food

– Meals

– Daily activities

– Housekeeping

– Laundry

“There is a lot of opportunity to do the things that you love on a daily basis,” Andrew said.

“We have got daily activities. Usually we run about four or five activities a day that are all run by our activities supervisor. We also do trips out into the community. Recently, our residents were out in Petrolia at The Playhouse watching the Star Bright Theatre. We have been to breweries, we have been to wineries, we have been out to Brander Park for picnics, Park’s Blueberries for lunch and those things like that.”

Andrew said they still have rooms available for people.

“We have two different types of rooms,” he said. “We have got a studio which is a one room that includes a full bath. We also have one bedrooms, which basically has a living area as well as a bedroom area and a full bath that are included as part of what we have got here. There are still some that are available. We are
looking to hopefully fill up soon.”

Andrew said anybody that wants to come in for a tour, or to visit they are welcome to come in, or call.

“Call ahead and you can ask for Ben Carter, who is our leasing manger and they can book a tour.”

A complimentary lunch is also included on the tour.

To book, call 519-627-9292.

Andrew said temporary stays are available at the Oaks as well.

“Between two weeks and two months,” he said. “Basically you are charged a daily rate. It would be a full service stay. All of your furniture, amenities, towels and all of those things are all provided for you as well as all of what our regular residents would get with regards to meals, housekeeping and all of those things are taken care of.”

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