Saturday, December 7, 2019

Daredevil photographers shoot high above Chatham

Some dramatic photos from atop a downtown Chatham construction project has caused quite a stir.

First reported by, several photographs from atop the Boardwalk on the Thames condominium project were posted after being sent via Facebook.

The photos caught the attention of the Chatham-Kent Police Service, who contacted each of the three individuals who were involved – Kyle Wicks, Matt Kett and Dylan Johnson.

“They let me off good, gave compliments to the photos and wanted me to speak against it,” Wicks, 22 of Chatham, told the Sydenham Current. “I got off good thankfully. We all did.”

Wicks said he is “very thankful” for how they were treated the Chatham-Kent police, as fines could have been handed out to each of them.

“Won’t be doing it again, that’s for sure,” he said, “I encourage others to stay aground shooting and remember safety first.”

Wicks posted a statement on Facebook as well, mentioning the illegal and dangerous nature of their photoshoot.

“I do not encourage anyone to trespass on private property or to climb structures without proper training and equipment,” he wrote. “This is illegal and also very dangerous. We had no intentions of causing any harm or mischief to the property.”

Wicks told the Sydenham Current he wanted to see and shoot Chatham from a new perspective.

“Just solely wanted to capture Chatham in a new light for people to see,” he said. “Give them a refreshment.”

Have a look at the photos here:

downtown chatham 1

downtown chatham 2

downtown chatham 3

downtown chatham 4

downtown chatham 5

downtown chatham

– Photo credit: Kyle Wicks, Matt Kett and Dylan Johnson.

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