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Dresden’s own Jacklyn Wills will be performing in her hometown on Saturday (July 9) at the annual Kinstock Music Festival.

Wills will be singing on stage for the band Round House from Sarnia.

“Most of us, all but one of us, have attended this Playfair put on by Stephen Dumont. He use to own Playfair Music in Sarnia. So its like a band camp and I have went the past four years and we have just played together through that camp.”

Jacklyn said they are pumped to open for Sloan.

“I am so excited,” she said.

“Even just to be playing with a full band, I don’t usually get to play with a full band so its going to be really fun. We have played together twice now. We played at Bottom’s Up Bar & Grill in Pint Edwards last week. Played LIVE together and get more experienced.”

Wills has been singing since she was six, and she started playing guitar when she was 10.

Round House consist band members Jared Park, singer and rhythm guitar; Ryan Ethridge, lead guitar; Brock Round, drums, and Bryce Abrams on bass guitar.

“We were playing a gig at Bottom’s Up Bar & Grill in Sarnia and Jacklyn Wills was there,” Jared said.

“After the show ended, Jackie’s mother and father went up and asked up if we had any interest playing Kinstock and opening up for Sloan and playing with her (Jacklyn). We were all very excited to play and we just took it from there.”

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