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It’s Throwback Thursday once again!

Thanks to the Bill Scholtens for sending in this photograph!

Here is what Bill had to say about the photo:

“I have enclosed a picture from May 29, 1962 taken at SS# 15 Webber School located at the corner of Dufferin Ave and Arnold Road/Hwy # 40. Our school won the overall championship in Chatham for the Class D division schools in track and field that year. This was a 2 building school with grades 1-4 in one and 5-8 in the other that was torn down once centralized schools came into existence in the 60’s. That’s me second row on the right holding one of the awards!

Here is the note Bill’s mother wrote about the photo in 1962:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.07.51 AM SS#15Webber0001

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