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It’s Throwback Thursday once again!

Here is an old photograph of Hotel Dupont circa 1911. This is at the corner of McDougal and Wallace Street.

Thanks to the Wallaceburg & District Museum for the photograph!

Here is some more details from the Museum:

“It seems hard to comprehend that at that time, there were many hotels in Wallaceburg, with there being as many as seven trading at one time. Hotels were the centre of social activity and they would provide entertainment and lavish food in an effort to attract customers into their restaurants and suites.

The Dupont began life as Arthur’s House. Built by Arthur Henderson, it was located in what was considered the central part of town, and was a bustling business offering meals and rooms for the weary travellers. In the early part of the 1900’s, the hotel burned down and in 1910 the site was purchased by Michigan based Charles Dupont and Capt. Moran. They built a magnificent brick structure and the hotel was named The Dupont.

The hotel was eventually sold to Frank Callaghan who changed the name to the Wallaceburg Inn.”

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