There was a special guest at the opening day for Camp U-Turn in Wallaceburg on Monday, July 17.

Wallaceburg’s Seth Griffith, who recently signed with the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL, played some pick-up hockey games and signed some autographs for the camp participants.

“A lot of hard work,” Seth told the kids, about what it takes to become a professional hockey player.

“You’ve got to have fun with it too. If you’re not having fun, there is no point in doing it. That goes with anything you want to do. If you’re having fun with something, whether it is sports or something to do with school, you have to work hard everyday and you can do anything you want.”

Rev. Jason Cartier, the founder of U-Turn Ministries, told the Sydenham Current it was an honour for them to have Seth visit their camp.

“Always grateful for people to experience a dimension of success and choose to come back and give back,” he said.

“I think if you to ask him about being a hometown hero, it probably isn’t something he would characterize himself as, but there are so many kids that aspire to things and have dreams and it is good to have somebody that can prove with hard work and commitment, you can achieve what not a lot of people can do.”

Cartier said one of the goals of Camp U-Turn is to inspire kids.

“No matter what their upbringing, no matter where they come from, we want them to know that they have the same opportunity as anyone else,” he said.

“It’s good to have Seth here, because he adds another component. We focus on the spiritual context, but Seth can come in and it makes it really practical. Work hard, apply yourself and go from there.”

Cartier said their Wallaceburg camp is filled up for the week, but there are some openings still available for their camp taking place from July 31 to August 4 at the Brigden Community Church in Lambton County.

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Here are some photos from the day:

– Photo credit: Aaron Hall

– Editor’s note: Watch for a follow-up story this week stemming from an interview with Seth Griffith.