There are some changes this year to the annual Wallaceburg and Antique Motor and Boat Outing (WAMBO) cruise and car show.

Nick Cadotte, the new car manager for WAMBO, told the Sydenham Current a brand new route has been designed for the annual Terry Glover Memorial Cruise, being held Friday night.

“This year we have incorporated all of the nursing homes in town,” he said.

“We also added the Oak’s this year. Instead of going to Dresden this year, we are going to come out along the St. Clair River to Sombra and back. We just decided that it would be a more scenic route and that we should showcase some of our assets in the area. It helps with people out of town. They get to see the river.”

Cadotte said if people want to participate, they can just show up at Canadian Tire on Friday evening.

“We will be leaving at about 6:45 p.m. There will be a police procession through town. It will also go down James Street so everybody can have a chair and come out to see the parade go though town and then it will head out of town. You just have to show up. No cost, no registration. Just show up the night of and we will go for a nice drive.”

Cadotte said in terms of what vehicle can take part in the parade, anything that people enjoy can take part.

“As long as you have enjoyment out of your car and you want to come out,” he said.

“Any automotive enthusiast, we want to encourage them to come out.”

Here is the new route:

– Cruise to leave Canadian Tire at 6:45 p.m.

– Left (north) on McNaughton

– Right (east) James street (closed street)

– Over the bridge turn Right on Murray (north)

– Left on Duke (east) around nursing home

– Left Back on Murray (east)

– Merge back onto McNaughton Left into Oaks Retirement

– Loop building

– Left back on McNaughton (north)

– Right on Dufferin

– Into Fairfield Park

– Right on Dufferin

– Right on St. Clair Parkway at the former golf course

– To Sombra

– Right on Benpath Line

– Right on Highway 40

– Back to Wallaceburg

The Saturday car show in downtown Wallaceburg has some new limitations, as the event goes back to its roots.

“The Saturday show we are limiting to 1983 or older,” Cadotte said.

“The reason we did go to ’83 or older is just to bring it back to the roots of what WAMBO originally started for. It is an antique and classic car show, but we allow all modifications. Anything that has wheels, we welcome it.”

Cadotte said people can save a bit of money if they pre-register for show.

“It is $5 cheaper to pre-register if they do it before Friday,” he said.

“They can drop that off at my office at the Co-Operators (located at 1044 Dufferin Ave Unit 2 in Wallaceburg) since we are getting low on time. It is $10 for pre-registration and $15 the day of the show.”

Cadotte said right now there are 50 vehicles pre-registered.

“Plus we have added this year some semi-trucks,” he said.

“We have about 10 that we know of coming and we have also added a few race cars this year.”

Cadotte said this year’s featured cars are Cadillacs, so anybody that has a Cadillac that is 1983 or older, they get free registration.

“Tentatively we have from the Mark Metis collection… the Dukes of Hazard car, and the Kit car from Knight Rider also coming,” he said.

“There is prizes. We have a few of the Memorial Awards. Terry Glover, we also have the Oscar Authier Memorial Award. Some life long residents that had a huge passion for antique vehicles. There will be a plaque. Everyone that does register will also get a reusable WAMBO tote bag as well. There will be a plaque with some goodie items.”

Cadotte added: “Hopefully we have some really nice weather. We are hoping to get a couple hundred cars out there and fill James Street.”

More details are available at: www.wambo.ca

– Photo credit: WAMBO

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