“It’s that time of year again in the late summer when we see mostly kittens and cats into our clinics with a BOTFLY (also known as cuterebra) infestation.

The adult botfly will lay their eggs on their host which are generally outdoor cats,dogs,rabbits etc. The larvae will enter into the animals body through the nearest opening,such as the nostrils,mouth,anus etc. Once inside they will migrate in the body until they get to the tissue of the skin.

Once there,they will make a small hole so they can breathe. This is usually the time when people notice there is something seriously wrong with their pet. The botfly will even have a tendency of popping its head out of the hole and going back inside when you go near it.

If you suspect something like this is going on with your pet then you need to bring it into the clinic to have the botfly larvae properly removed and treated accordingly.

These pictures can look a little disgusting to a lot of people but this is the reality of it. Please share, especially to people that have outdoor pets. Any animal that goes outdoors can potentially be at risk.”

For more information please contact:

DMS Veterinary Group
1220 Wellington St
Dresden, ON
Phone:(519) 683-4508

This is what an adult botfly looks like.

The cuterebra larvae has made its way into the nostril of this poor kitten.

This is a botfly (cuterebra) larvae.

This is a picture of the larvae being removed from this kitten’s neck.

The cuterebra larvae has made a hole and is living in this poor cat’s neck.

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