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It appears the fire ravaged home on Hiram Street in Wallaceburg will torn down after all.

Erin Merritt, a by-law enforcement officer with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, told the Sydenham Current the appeal on their Order To Demolish for the property has been dropped.

“The appeal that was submitted for (35 Hiram Street) has been withdrawn, therefore we will not be conducting an appeal hearing,” Merritt said.

“The Municipality will be proceeding with the demolition of the house, accessory building and clean-up of the property. However, this process does take time, to which I have explained to the residents that have complained.”

Merritt said moving forward, she has contacted the company the Municipality uses to complete the environmental assessment.

“It should be completed this week with the results coming to me in the next seven to 10 business days,” she said.

“After I receive this report, I will be sending out the tender to garner quotes for the job. Once this tender closes, the contract will be awarded and the successful company will need to apply for a demo permit.”

Merritt said that before a demo permit can be issued, all utilities need to be shut off and signed off.

“We have sent out the notifications to all utilities to try and expedite this process but it could take up to five weeks,” she said.

“Once the permit can be issued, the company will proceed with the demolition and clean-up of the property. It is my understanding that the grass was just cut, but if it gets high again please let me know and I will advise Public Works.”

Merritt said once she has a better idea of dates, she will be letting the newspaper know.

Several neighbours in the area have contacted the Sydenham Current with complaints, ever since the property went up in flames on April 22.

Some of the complaints, included: knee-high grass, rotten food in the backyard, mattresses lying around and, most recently, the presence of rats in the neighbourhood.

Watch for more updates on this story.

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– Photo credit: Aaron Hall

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