Willy (Dana Haggith)

A kitten is lucky to be alive, after being tossed out of a moving truck in Wallaceburg.

The K9 Klips crew with Willy (Dana Haggith)

Maryanne Holland told the Sydenham Current that ‘Wounded Willy’ was brought into her business, K9 Klips, on August 1 by a man who cuts the grass at the Riverview Cemetery in Wallaceburg.

“About a hundred yards away he noticed this white truck come in, the window went down and just whipped that kitten out of that truck,” Holland said.

“He was too far away to get a license plate. It was a white truck and he was just flabbergasted.”

Holland said the worker at the cemetery loves animals and does his wife.

“He immediately went over and picked up the kitten and saw that it was injured and marched right over to K9 Klips as he has done in the past,” she said.

“I thought I didn’t need to take any more in, but he was wounded. He was hurt, not sick or diseased but hurt real bad.”

Holland said she saw bite marks on the kitten as well.

“The doctor at Wallaceburg Animal Hospital thought that it very well could be from a dog,” she said.

“Two puncture wounds on the inside of the right and several on the outside and down on the elbow. It had been there long enough to abscess.”

Holland said they treated the kitten themselves for a couple of days.

She eventually caved in and decided to bring him to the veterinarian, after she found another bite mark on his elbow that needed to be shaved.

“I said ‘I am not doing that to you.’ So I sent him to the Wallaceburg Animal Hospital where he got some excellent treatment. They were very good to me there,” she said.

Some of Willy’s injuries (Dana Haggith)

Holland said Willy is pretty much fully healed now and is up for adoption.

“He’s running around the shop, playing with toys… he’s ready to go to a loving home,” she said.

After already paying for the care out of her own pocket, Holland said she is preparing a ‘take home package’ for him, with food, litter and toys.

She said donations are also welcomed.

If you are interested in adopting Willy, give K9 Klips a call at 519-627-9855.

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