Don Hunter’s daughter, Meredith, at a glass workers display at the Wallaceburg Museum (Submitted photo)

A Wallaceburg man is strumming up interest in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style project, which will have students presenting about local business history.

Don Hunter told the Sydenham Current he was watching the popular television show, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch business ideas to a panel of accomplished professionals or ‘Dragons’, when he got the idea for the local ‘Glass Panel Project.’

“Since this was Canada’s 150th anniversary, we thought that it might be interesting to have Grade 12 students portray business people, entrepreneurs, inventors from the local area. Do a study on the family, the item, the business, the item that was invented, and do a presentation in front of a panel of judges,” he said.

Hunter said he is hoping to get about eight students and give them 10 to 15 minutes each to do their sales pitch and have the judges mark them accordingly.

“There is so much local history that isn’t really taught in the school,” Hunter said.

“I am not talking about right back to 1867, but all the way to the present. There has been a few restaurants that have started up… we could have the students go in and talk to them about what they did to get it started.”

Students who are entering Grade 12 September or entering their fifth year at high school are eligible to take part.

Hunter said the project will help promote the community.

“It will give the students an idea as to what they would have to do in order to start up a business, plus give them experience speaking outside of the school atmosphere,” he said.

Hunter said he is working on gathering interest from the business community, to see if they want to come board as sponsors.

Hunter said he is working with the Wallaceburg and District Museum on the project and the idea would be to hold the actual event in the Jeanne Gordon Theatre.

He said they plan to post a list of suggestions for the students at the Museum of businesses, inventions, etc.

However, students can pick any business they wish.

He said he is eyeing March of 2018 to hold the event and there will be prizes for the winners.

The ‘Glass Panel Project’ name was selected due to Wallaceburg being known as ‘The Glass Town’, Hunter said.

Anyone that is interested, either students or prospective judges, can contact Hunter at 519-627-0506 or

– Submitted photo