KD Cloths is a wonderful product to fundraise with.. schools, churches, teams, clubs and organizations..
this is a product that could be used in every home in multiples.. Clean Green only use water…
Fundraising envelopes/ order forms are available.
Each cloth in a fundraiser sells for $6.00 (great price point for a fundraiser) and the group raising funds makes $3.00 a cloth….
add that up.. for example let’s say that your group has 50 and that each participant could sell 30 cloths ( let’s break that down) the average consumer purchases 3 during a fundraiser) so that means approx. 10 people purchasing three- a co worker, a couple of neighbours, a couple of aunts, grandma, a couple of friends and there is your 30 .. so 50 participants x 30 cloths = 1500 cloths x $3.00 each that is a quick $4500 in a week’s time…. great revenue.. and the nice thing is that you can keep the fundraising going…
Message me @ebony56@sympatico.ca for more information and find me on facebook..

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