A Wallaceburg artist is thrilled after her painting was chosen to be displayed online by the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Sue Renaud

Sue Renaud told the Sydenham Current the painting she created entitled Letting The Walls Down did not end up placing in the ‘limitless’ competition held by the group, but she was honoured to have it exhibited online.

“I was actually pretty excited,” Renaud said.

“I think with any artist they just always wonder. Just putting it out there and then it being accepted was a complete honour. I didn’t think that would happen, but at the back of my mind, I have just been putting a lot of time and my passion into it. I just think good things have come from it.”

Renaud said she has spent a lot of time in her studio the last several years.

“I actually at first started out taking classes,” she said.

“I was always interested and was always painting whimsical paintings. It is more of an abstract pattern. Intuition type of paintings. It is a great outlet for me. Just over the past seven years I have honed into my own style.”

Finally putting her artwork out in the open for the public to see, is the inspiration behind the name of Renaud’s Letting the Walls Down piece, featured by the Federation of Canadian Artists.

“I have always hidden it and it’s basically letting the walls down, fresh start, sharing my artwork with the world basically,” she said.

“I have put some stuff online, but I have never really ventured out. I am okay with my art, and I hope others think so too.”

While Renaud’s art will be displayed until the end of the month here, Wallaceburg and area residents will have the chance to view more of her art work in the spring, as she will have an exhibit at the Wallaceburg and District Museum in May and April of 2018.

“I am very excited,” she said.

“I have some artwork that I haven’t even put out to the public, so there is going to be quite a bit of new artwork there. Some new pieces and I only hope that it opens up more outlets. I just want to pursue it more than I have been. I am allowing it to happen, rather than making excuses. My art is very personal.”

The Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) was founded in 1941 by professional Canadian working artists including Group of Seven luminaries Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, and A.Y. Jackson.

The first National Executive Council was led by Andre Bieler, and Lawren Harris was the BC region’s first Chairman. Other notable founding members included Emily Carr and the Honorable Mark Kearley.

The FCA continues to operate as a registered charity with members throughout Canada and Chapters in Alberta and B.C..

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