The Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) has unveiled their redevelopment plans for Wallaceburg’s hospital.

CKHA officials say “in order to meet the needs of healthcare delivery today and into the future” their staff has assembled a comprehensive redevelopment plan for its Chatham and Sydenham Campuses.

The plan sees renewal to the aging hospital buildings located in Chatham and Wallaceburg implemented in a “realistic staged process” spanned over 15 to 20 years, CKHA officials say.

“Our aging buildings are reaching a critical stage making it imperative that we address these urgent needs to continue the delivery of high quality care to our patients and their families,” stated Lori Marshall, president and CEO of the CKHA, in a press release.

“These redevelopment plans will address our high priority infrastructure needs. An updated and modernized environment will equip our staff and physicians with the tools to deliver efficient and safe care into the future.”

CKHA officials say the Sydenham Campus will assume a role “more focused on the community’s emerging needs” through the following services:

– 24 hour emergency department

– Five inpatient beds as part of the emergency department

– Ambulatory Care including specialty clinics, with the potential for dialysis and partner co-location

– Diagnostic Imaging including radiology and ultrasound

– Respiratory therapy

– Physiotherapy

– Laboratory services (Point of Care testing)

Some of their redevelopment drawings can be seen below:

Sydenham Campus 2017/2018 Priority New Power Plant

Sydenham Campus 2018/2020: First Stages of Development

Sydenham Campus Possible 2020/2023 Development

Sydenham Campus Final Master Site Plan After Multi-Stage Redevelopment

“A patient-focused, fiscally responsible development plan solidifies CKHA’s vision for a two site hospital system for Chatham-Kent,” stated Jerome Quenneville, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, in a press release.

“These plans are our desired next steps; implementing them in practical and affordable stages will ensure we reach our long-term vision of sustainable healthcare delivery for the community.”

CKHA officials say Wallaceburg’s Sydenham Campus and Chatham’s Public General Hospital wing are largely at end of life as outlined by Ministry of Health and Long Term Care facility condition assessments.

The aging facilities prevent optimization of high-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems and the outdated facility layouts do not support accessibility needs.

Redevelopment of both sites will modernize healthcare delivery, ensure safety and improve the overall patient experience, CKHA officials say.

Immediate priority areas identified for redevelopment at the Chatham Campus include:

– Ambulatory Care and Medical Day Care

– Inpatient Mental Health and Addictions

– Medical Inpatient Units

– Pharmacy

– Medical Device Reprocessing

– Emergency

– Surgical Suite

Here is a drawing of the proposed Chatham Campus redevelopment:

CKHA officials say support from the organization’s board of directors, Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is required to implement redevelopment projects.