By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

It was a ‘moving’ experience.

Yeah. I moved more than a month ago. It’s been a long time since I did that, and even longer since I did it by choice!

Funny how it goes, though. Good things… bad things… weird things, too.

New place, new places for my furniture, and a lot of stuff discarded! Bigger place, but it somehow doesn’t seem that way sometimes. Where to put stuff, where to hang stuff… and, of course, the multiple changes to my original decisions.

That’s okay, because I don’t ever leave my things… ummm, static.

I like a different look all the time.

The Sally Ann, Re-Find and other places got a lot of donations!

New neighbours. New neighbourhood. Funny, though… I somehow miss the turn when I’m driving, and end up back on my old street.

Lots of nice help from some friends, but new bills… yuk!

And new expenses, some of them unexpected. This, too, shall pass.

I had to buy a new gas stove. Never cooked on gas before, and that’s QUITE a learning experience.

Ever notice how a new place has MANY different sounds? THAT takes some getting used to!

The weirdest part was watching my two cats having to adjust.

My dog settled right in, but the cats?

THAT means many, many funny stories to share.

Cats really don’t like change!

I’m surprised that people have said that I’m crazy to move at my age, especially to buy a house. They say that they’re downsizing, yet I up-sized.

No problem. It’s a work in progress.

Painting, plumbing, electrical work, but… less lawn to cut, shorter driveway to shovel.

Pluses and minuses.

All good.