Isabel Cunha (Submitted photo)

A former Wallaceburg resident is in South America this week representing her hometown, along with the entire country, in an international beauty pageant.

Isabel Cunha is competing in the Miss Beauty Global international pageant in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Cunha said she received this opportunity after competing in a beauty pageant in Portugal.

“The next week I was talking to the director of the Miss Star Universe beauty pageant and she told me about Miss Beauty Global,” Cunha told the Sydenham Current.

Isabel Cunha (Submitted photo)

“She said I had real potential and she really believed in my talent. She contacted me after saying the director of Miss Beauty Global also liked my appearance and they invited me to represent my beautiful country and become Miss Canada in the Miss Beauty Global international pageant. It was a dream come true. I can’t describe what I felt.”

Cunha, who was born in Wallaceburg and now lives in Portugal, said she still has family in Wallaceburg.

“My sister Sandra Mendonça, who always gives me such big love and support in all my new projects, her husband and my beautiful little nephew… who I hope to inspire and educate the next generation to love and respect woman as hard working and independent,” Cunha said.

“My family and family friends are almost all in Wallaceburg but, I also have family in Edmonton who I love very much.”

Miss Beauty Global in Brazil

Cunha said Miss Beauty Global is an international beauty pageant, and she will be competing in its first edition from November 14 to 20.

She said representatives from over 20 countries will be competing, with the winner being crowned on November 19.

She said candidates underwent various evaluations, including: bathing suits, typical dress, evening dress, interviews, and preliminary tests.

The winner will represent women worldwide through the social project chosen by the contest, Cunha said.

In order to prepare herself for the event, Cunha said she is focusing on mind preparation.

“Actually doing yoga or Pilates in the early mornings helps me prepare myself for stress relief and makes me begin my day the best way and work in all my last details for the big day,” she said.

“I also take one hour in the afternoon everyday for my body workout. Body and mind have to be in harmony.”

Modelling since she was young

Isabel Cunha (Submitted photo)

Cunha said she has been involved in the modelling industry since she was young, with her main passions being photo shoots and commercial jobs.

“That was how I first got in to pageantry, when I entered for the first time in a beauty pageant, the Miss Santal 2014 where I was one of the finalist and earned the title of Miss Photogenic 2014,” she said.

“After that I actually started to really love the whole meaning of being in a beauty pageant. I started to search and get inspired and started to join this world. Now I have my own vision of it. To me it means I have the opportunity to empower women to fight for their beliefs, to inspire women to be healthy and strong minded. I want to give confidence and make you believe you can do it too.”

Cunha added: “My confidence comes from training everyday for a healthier, stronger and better me. My goal is to empower women to do the same.”

Certified personal trainer and animal lover

Cunha said she is currently studying in Portugal and is a certified personal trainer.

She is also taking specialty courses in sports and therapeutic massaging.

“I love going to the movies and being with people I care for,” she said.

“I also love weightlifting, me and my gym partner and (also my boyfriend) go to the gym everyday and motivate each other. I am more of a ‘day person’, I like to go for a walk with my friends and just talk, share stories, laugh and have a great time.”

Cunha said her passion is to help animals.

“Me and my family just adopted one year ago, our Pipoca… he is the cutest dog ever and he is so happy he has a family, he loves to play with the other three dogs I have, they are a lovely family,” she said.

“I wish I could help more and make help make a difference. This year I had the chance to donate to the Associação Pata D’Açucar (Medical Dogs For Diabetics) organization and I feel very proud to help someone help others. I love to help, it makes me feel very good maybe that is one of the reasons I chose to be a personal trainer, so I can help others fight for theirs goals.”

Cunha said she wanted to thank all of her sponsors and family who helped make the Miss Beauty Global opportunity possible, including: 2Guys1Truck, TexaAmerica, Pousada de Saramagos, Municipio Vila Nova de Famalicao, Carol Canuto beauty studio, Dulce Azevedo hairdresser, Doctor Filipe Magalhaes Ramos, Amour Glamour, Meirydiane Garcês and Keyla Valadares.

“I will give my best and hope I can make you all proud,” she said.

“It is an honor to be Miss Beauty Global Canada 2017.”

Cunha said she is also representing Canada in the Miss Star Universe 2018 competiotion, and is currently looking for sponsors.

You can contact her through email at, follow her on Instagram @isabellacunha95, or on Facebook.