(Dana Haggith)

The Grade 7/8’s at WDSS held a food drive recently in support of the Wallaceburg Salvation Army food bank.

Jean Vandamme, a teacher at the school, told the Sydenham Current they have been holding a canned food drive for the past four years, ever since the 7/8 program started at WDSS.

(Dana Haggith)

“We wanted to do something to help and give back to our community,” Vandamme said.

“The original idea was to see how we could support Movember, but we don’t have very many men on staff to grow beards and mustaches, so we decided to do canned goods in order to give back.”

Vandamme said Kristen Blair’s Grade 7/8 class ended up gathering the most items, bringing in a total of 262 canned goods and other food items.

In total, over 600 items were gathered by the different classes at WDSS, ranging from tooth paste, to cereal and cake mix.

“It was a three week challenge where the students were encouraged to bring in canned goods and we’re going to donate it to the Wallaceburg Salvation Army food bank,” Vandamme said.

“There is a lot in there that hopefully our food bank can use and give back to the community.”

Here is a video of the winning class:

– Photo credit: Dana Haggith

– With files from Dana Haggith