An application to allow workers at the North Kent One Wind Farm to work during the night and during Sundays and holidays has been rejected by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

Municipal officials say the wind farm developers had sought an exemption to the Chatham-Kent noise bylaw from the period of December 1 to March 31, 2018.

Chatham-Kent Director of Building Development Services Paul Lacina says the request was denied due to objections received from the public and inconsistency with the principles established by council within the bylaw, municipal officials stated.

The project contains 34 wind turbines.

One Response to “ Wind farm noise bylaw exemption denied ”

  1. gravatar Linda Chevalier
    December 7th, 2017

    Well, finally you are voting on the side of the citizens in that area. Now the next thing the Municipality needs to due is water testing on the sediment in the water wells that have been damaged and destroyed by the pile driving for the wind company.
    Take the money out of the reserve fund and due the proper testing of those wells for sediment testing not just the turbidity test. You voted on an $8. Million dollar investment from reserve fund and now Municipality owns 15% of investment that is destroying these wells. Finally do the right thing now.
    Test the well waters now!! As I know the Mayor, Council and Dr Colby would not drink Dover and North Kent One well waters that have that sediment in it. If someone would ask you too have a glass of water would you drink it or would you say I do not know where you got the water from or I would have to see it coming from the tap. Or really what excuse would you give these residents whose water wells are damaged. Just what would you do!!!