Sunday, February 23, 2020

‘Business decision’ to close Mark’s in Wallaceburg

(Dana Haggith)

Company officials with Mark’s says it was strictly a business decision to close the Wallaceburg location.

Karlie Beiko, a communication advisor for Mark’s, says the company decided not to renew the lease.

“We are focusing on our stores in Chatham and Sarnia to serve our customers,” Beiko told the Sydenham Current.

“Occasionally we re-evaluate the district. It’s not like we didn’t like the area. It was a business decision not to renew the lease.”

The final day the store will be open is Saturday, January 20.

Beiko says it was not a performance issue at the Wallaceburg store that led to the closure.

“It was doing fine,” she said.

“We decided at this time not to renew. When leases come up, it gives us an opportunity to re-look at everything, make changes and take it forward… we’re not ditching the area.”

Beiko said the decision to close the Wallaceburg store was made before the new minimum wage legislation came into effect, and did not have an impact on the decision.

An employee at the Wallaceburg store, who will remain anonymous, says the staff found out in November that the lease would not be renewed.

“Employees were informed about the store closure by the management team in person,” Beiko said.

Mark’s, formerly known as Mark’s Work Wearhouse, has been located in Wallaceburg for 10 years.

They currently employ nine people.

“At Mark’s, we ensure all of our employees that have requested relocations are relocated to other stores,” Beiko said.

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– Photo credit: Dana Haggith

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