(Dana Haggith)

Students and staff at H.W. Burgess Public School in Wallaceburg made a hefty donation last month to the Salvation Army.

The school held a food drive from November 27 until December 17 and ended up gathering 2,065 canned goods and non-perishable food items.

Two classes, the Grade 5 class and the FDK class, tied with the most canned goods brought in as they both collected 578 items.

The winning classes received a pizza party for their effort.

All the proceeds were given to the Salvation Army in Wallaceburg.

In the photo: From front left, Gavin, Kael, second row, Nicholas, Eva-Lynn, Jillian, Mariah, Lucas, third row, Olivia, Jillian, Sloan, Nash, Alaina, Ainsley, Susie and back row, Layla, Georgia, Mrs. Druer, Lisa DeBurger, Miss Martin, Jack Martin.

– Photo credit: Dana Haggith