More restrictions have been lifted at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) after a flu outbreak at the Chatham Campus.

Hospital officials say the influenza A outbreak restrictions for patients on the Medicine B Unit have been listed as of today.

At CKHA’s Chatham Campus, restrictions continue to be in place for Stroke/Rehab unit for respiratory outbreak until further notice.

To assist in preventing further transmission, the hospital is asking anyone who is not feeling well, particularly with influenza-like symptoms to not visit patients at the hospital at this time.

In addition, anyone visiting patients who may have influenza or respiratory illness will be required to wear a hospital-provided mask, eye protection, gown, and gloves.

Further, no children under 12 can visit the compromised units for their own safety and that of patients and staff, CKHA officials say.

Visitors are asked when entering and exiting the hospital to use the main entrance only.

The Emergency Department entrance is designated only for those seeking emergency services.

Visitors will be asked to wash their hands upon entrance and exit at each of the patient/visitor entrances.

All hospital services are offered as usual in other areas of the hospital.

CKHA’s Emergency Departments will continue to screen patients for influenza-like symptoms upon arrival.

Out-Patient Clinics and elective services also remain functional.

For those who develop influenza-like symptoms, they are infectious 1-3 days before symptoms start, and remain infectious until 5 days after the onset of symptoms.

Hospital officials say this situation will be reassessed on a daily basis.