By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

OK. It’s official.

I am OFFICIALLY done with winter.

Unfortunately, winter isn’t done with us. Yuk.

I’m tired of snow boots, scarves, gloves, winter coats, my snowblower, winter hats… the works!

Especially the cold!

OK, there are some plus sides.

I have some great memories of downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, outdoor hockey until I was 18.

I grew up in Ottawa, which is MAJOR snow country. I loved skating on the Rideau Canal, having three major ski resorts close to town… and I made some of the greatest snowforts ever! Tobogganing at the Arboretum, pond hockey, sliding on any small hill… ‘sigh’.

Of course, that was when I used to enjoy winter and snow and wasn’t bothered by the cold as much as I am now.

Well… a few more pluses.

My new house has a three-season sunroom, therefore unheated, but when it’s sunny out, I can have lunch out there, coatless, in 18°C to 25°C.

I also have a carport now, so I haven’t had to use my snowbrush for my car yet this year.

Oh, sorry… gotta run.

I have to fire up my snowblower yet again.