Stephanie and Karin are a mother daughter duo who have transformed their lives through Natural Healing. After years of living in agony from health issues Stephanie found doTERRA’s essential oils and her transformation began. Now, three years later Stephanie teaches others how they can incooperate doTERRA’s essential oils into their lives to help with their concerns and issues. Karin has followed in her daughter’s footsteps after trying them out for herself and feeling a calling to spread the word that nobody needs to suffer – or watch their children suffer. Together Stephanie and Karin hold Essential Oil classes once a month to provide others with the empowerment they need to take their health back. If you’re looking for a natural way to help support you and your family Stephanie and Karin are happy to help! They also do personal classes and one on ones and are always happy to provide some free samples to try out the oils for your particular needs. Please feel free to visit for more information.