Chatham-Kent council awarded a $4.9M tender to Clarke Construction Inc. for the reconstruction of Elgin Street in Wallaceburg.

A staff report indicates the Municipality was experiencing operational and condition issues with the storm sewer, sanitary sewer, watermain and the paved road surface along Elgin Street, from Forhan Street to Gordon Street in Wallaceburg.

The Wallaceburg Sewer Assessment, from 2003, identified issues with the storm and sanitary sewers along Elgin Street and rehabilitation or upgrade/replacement of the existing infrastructure was considered, staff says.

“The existing 150mm and 200mm diameter cast iron watermain on Elgin Street was installed in the 1970’s,” Adam Sullo, director of engineering and transportation, said in a report.

“There have been a number of breaks experienced in this area over the years.”

The funding for this project is a part of the 2018 PUC Watermain Lifecycle Budget, the 2018 PUC Sanitary Sewer Lifecycle Budget, the 2018 Storm Sewer Lifecycle Budget and the 2018 Road Resurfacing Lifecycle Budget.

“The sanitary sewer portion of the project consists of approximately 1,125 metres of 200mm to 375mm diameter PVC sewer pipe and 16 manholes, all to be replaced. A total of 68 lateral service connections will be replaced, Sullo said in his report.

“The storm sewer portion of the project consists of approximately 1361 metres of 200mm to 825mm diameter PVC and concrete sewer pipe, 30 manholes and 23 catch basins, all to be replaced. A total of 77 lateral service connections will be replaced.”

Sullo added: “The watermain portion of the project consists of approximately 1225 metres of 150mm to 250mm diameter PVC pipe. A total of 66 water service connections will be replaced along with a total of 8 fire hydrants installed. The contractor will also be installing 4 runs, 1100 metres of 50mm PE fibre optic conduit. The concrete curbs, concrete sidewalk and the paved road will be replaced as part of the reconstruction.”

Construction is expected to begin in April and should be completed by the end of September of this year, a staff report indicates.

The engineering, contract administration, and inspection on this project is being carried out by B.M. Ross and Associates Limited.

BM Ross’s most recent estimate for construction was for $4,560,970.41 including contingency and HST.

The Municipality had budgeted $5,085,000 for the construction of the project, Sullo said in his report.

One Response to “ Elgin Street reconstruction project approved ”

  1. gravatar Jeanetta Roegiest
    March 13th, 2018

    I hope that they do Francis Ave and Bertha street also . This area has not been updated in years,and the roads are in a mess with the Buses using it . thanks