Saturday, December 7, 2019

Park’s Blueberries is opening on Monday

With Easter right around the corner, Park’s Blueberries & Country Store is set to open for the season on Monday, March 19.

“We are very excited, said Hope Parks, owner of the store.

“We have our Easter wreaths right now and Easter home decor. We have a lot of Easter bunnies here too they just arrived. We have nice picture frames, there are signs that would add warmth to your house or if you just want to be at home and have a cozy tea party, we have a lot of tea pots and mugs to go with it.”

Parks is also serving turkey dinner all Easter weekend as well.

There are tons of options at Parks to make your event tastier, with teas, jams and fresh baked goods.

“From our pies to our scones to our squares to our muffins. Everything in the bake shop. We have a lot here,” Hope said.

If people don’t want to do any baking for Easter, they can order from Parks.

“If you want a cookie tray or a square trays or scones that would go with your tea or whatever you want to do for Easter dinner… we have it here,” Hope said.

In terms of clothing at the store, Hope said they have a new women’s section.

“We have plenty of new clothes for the spring,” she said.

“From made in Canada to Italy. We have a lot here and we have a lot of purses and jewelry that will of course enhance your beauty.”

And of course, blueberries are always available.

“We have our all-year-round frozen blueberries. From the bush to the freezer. Great for you,” Hope said.

Park’s Blueberries & Country Store is opening opening Monday and will be open everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“Everyday including holidays,” Hope said.

“Once we are open, we are open.”

Here is a sneak peek inside and outside the store:

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