1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce (or Tamari if gluten free)
1/2 cup chicken broth (or vegetable broth if vegan)
1 tablespoon corn starch (or arrow root)
1 tablespoon honey (or agave nectar if vegan)
1 teaspoon sesame seed oil
1 teaspoon rice vinegar
2 inch piece of ginger, peeled and grated or finely minced (or 1 tablespoon ginger paste in a squeeze tube, and other readers have had success with 1 tablespoon ground powdered ginger)
2 garlic cloves, grated or finely minced

Whisk all ingredients together. Adjust the amount of sauce you add according to how much stir fry you’re making. When adding to your stir fry, allow to cook for 3 full minutes to allow the corn starch to thicken the sauce.
Makes 1-1/4 cups. Will keep refrigerated in an airtight container for 1 week.

Cook – Rice (we used brown rice) following directions.
Slice – one red pepper, two zucchini, 2 carrots
Separate pieces of real crab (cooked) or imitation crab.

Mix together in wok, pot or pan. Bring to almost a boil then simmer for 10 minutes. Serve