From the Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

Sometimes how we plan our legacy will dictate how we live our life.

I want you to consider the wise words of Christian author and speaker, Tim Challies, who said, “What we aim to leave behind after we die sets the course for how we intend to live.”

Many people live by the adage of “live and let live.”

In other words, live your life in the manner you want to, regardless of what others may think of you.

That is fine, I suppose, up to a point.

After all, we may have people in our lives who would squash all sense of adventure and challenge if they had their way.

However, there is definitely something to be said about making plans for what we will leave behind, and how it will affect our children and all others who follow, that is wise.

A man in my church died in the early days of January of 2017.

As executor I was charged with the task of carrying out the pre-planned wishes of his last will and testament.

Don was always a man who had a concern for the poor and often gave substantial sums of money to our church to assist those in need.

Sure enough, a significant portion of his will was earmarked to go directly to meeting the financial needs of those less fortunate in our community.

He had thought this through a long time before drafting up his will with his lawyer, and now many years later, his careful plans are being carried out.

What plans are you making for those things that you will leave behind?

Is your life right now playing into that?