The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority (SCRCA) has issued a flood watch for the Sydenham River.

SCRCA officials say over the last 36 hours 30 to 50 mm of rain across the region has caused water levels to rise.

“Water levels are expected to continue to rise on the tributaries of the north branch of the Sydenham River, specifically in the Petrolia and Brigden areas and on Black Creek near Bradshaw,” SCRCA officials said in a press release.

“Water levels on the east branch are also increasing steadily at Alvinston and at Florence. Localized flooding is occurring at low lying areas, mostly in floodplain, agricultural and parkland areas. All watercourses are expected to be near or over top of bank conditions for the next few days.”

Several roads will be closed this week, including:

– Pretty Road between Stanley Line and McCallum Line

– Waubuno Road north of Bickford Line

– Black Ash road South of Petrolia Line

– Plowing Match Road between Rokeby Line and Petrolia Line

– Fairweather Road between Rokeby Line and Shiloh Line

– Fairweather Road between Aberfeldy Line and Oil Springs Line

“Precipitation forecast for today calls for accumulations of near 10 mm across most parts of the watershed,” SCRCA officials say.

“Water levels will continue to rise with the additional precipitation resulting in high and near top of the bank conditions in most areas of Sydenham River for the next few days. Drains and smaller watercourses in upstream areas will experience localized flooding in some areas.”

Municipal emergency response staff and road superintendents should monitor local conditions closely, SCRCA officials say.

“Residents are reminded to avoid watercourses and flooded areas due to saturated and slippery banks as well as the danger of swift moving water.”

The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority will monitor the flood condition of the watersheds in the region and will provide warnings to municipal officials and media in the event conditions develop which could result in the potential of more severe flooding.

This message will remain in effect until Tuesday, April 17, 2018 unless otherwise updated.