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The Ministry of Education has declared the week of May 7 to May 11 as Education Week across Ontario. In accordance with the Ministry’s theme, the Lambton Kent District School Board’s (LKDSB) theme for this year is “Equity in Action!”

Events and activities will be held across the LKDSB, which highlight the LKDSB’s belief that a safe and caring learning environment is strengthened by embracing diversity, and respecting self, others and the world around us.

Additionally, the LKDSB is committed to building capacity and supporting students and staff in learning about a diversity of histories and perspectives.

On May 8, Grades 6-8 students and teachers from throughout the LKDSB sere set to be participating in second annual Black Heritage Symposium at Lambton Kent Composite School in Dresden.

The symposium allowed educators and students to learn about the importance of black heritage and identity, as well as tour Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site.

The event is led by the LKDSB’s Equity and Inclusive Committee, with the support of community partners in Chatham-Kent, including Buxton National Historic Site & Museum and Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site.

“Welcoming school communities are fostered through embedding principles of inclusion, diversity and
equity into teaching, learning and work environments and practices,” said Director Jim Costello.

“The Black Heritage Symposium is an example of the many ways the LKDSB is building capacity and increasing education and understanding about the diverse communities, histories and perspectives that enhance our classrooms and workplaces every day.”

The LKDSB also recognizes and thanks its many community partners, including its four local Indigenous communities, for the important role they play in contributing to the success of our students and supporting equity and inclusion in education.