By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

Is anyone else feeling just a little, well… overwhelmed lately?

A shooting at Dresden Raceway.

A murder right here, too!

The Humboldt bus tragedy.

The Toronto van killings.

Dogs attacking and maiming kids.

Even the less tragic stories, I find disturbing.

Idiots drilling into people’s gas tanks in order to syphon gasoline.

People’s vehicles being searched on their own properties.

Break-in stories.

Shoplifting stories.

Vehicles crashing through storefronts.

The weirdest weather in decades.

The extent of the neediness in the community.

The number of drug treatment facilities in town.

I won’t even mention the ridiculous political landscape provincially, federally and ESPECIALLY to the south of us.

I’ve always been teased about being ‘too upbeat’, ‘too optimistic’, and whistling and singing all the time.

That part of me may be eroding, though.

I want some good news.

Lots of it.