(Ryan O’Hagan, Facebook)

Before officially being nominated as the Liberal candidate in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex for the upcoming provincial election, Ryan O’Hagan has backed out of the race.

Citing personal reasons, the Strathroy native posted the news on social media on Sunday, just hours before a scheduled campaign launch party.

“Unfortunately, due to personal issues entirely out of my control, I have chosen not to pursue the Liberal nomination at this time,” O’Hagan posted on Facebook.

“I want to sincerely assure everybody that this decision has nothing to do with the Liberal party or any of their members. I wholeheartedly support the Liberal platform, what they stand for, and their goals of creating a more fair and equal Ontario for all.”

O’Hagan says he believes a Doug Ford government isn’t the answer.

“It will take our province ten steps back and that is not something we can afford,” the Cambridge resident said.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to everybody who supported me in this venture and deliver a guarantee that this will not be the last time I am involved in provincial or federal politics.”

O’Hagan was set to be officially nominated on Sunday.

The Liberals have yet to name a new candidate.

The election is 24 days away on June 7, 2018.