Chris Glassford

Chris Glassford has filed his nominations papers and is running for the position of Councillor in Ward 5 – Wallaceburg.

Born and raised in Chatham, Glassford moved to Wallaceburg five years ago.

“Our community has been through many hardships over the past few years, and while we’ve managed to come ahead of those hard times, the community of Wallaceburg needs a leader who can take it to the next level,” Glassford said on his campaign website.

“I would like to personally see Wallaceburg rise up and thrive in a new light in 2018 and for years to come.”

Glassford has run a variety of businesses in the past, including an arcade and a sign shop.

Last year, Glassford helped coordinate the Canada 150 event in Chatham.

A total of four candidates are running for two positions in Ward 5 – Wallaceburg, including Glassford, Aaron Hall, Carmen McGregor and Nick Cadotte.

Election day is October 22, 2018.