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On Saturday, May 5, 2018 police and volunteers worked together to help local residents safely dispose of old and unused medications.

This year, at its three locations combined, the Chatham-Kent Police Service received 87.91 kilograms of prescription medication.

To be more specific, 2,006 pills were turned over, up from 1,200 last year.

Most of the drugs collected included opiates, amphetamines and barbiturates which are all highly dangerous drugs.

This brings the five year total to 9,278 pills removed from local medicine cabinets and off the streets.

This initiative, helps police keep these drugs out of the hands of those who should not have them, police officials say.

“The misuse and abuse of prescription medications has become a public safety issue for communities and police services across the country. The abuse of prescription medications can lead to incidents of overdose and in some cases, death. All medication dropped off on this day are properly destroyed keeping them from entering our water source,” police officials said in a press release.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service would like to remind residents that at any time, unused or expired prescription medications can be dropped off at local pharmacies. They will dispose of the medications in an environmentally safe manner.

CKPS would also like to thank the following community partners for their support and participation:

– Westover Treatment Centre

– Chatham-Kent Drug Awareness Council

– United Way

– Shoppers Drug Mart

– Volunteer students from various schools across Chatham-Kent