Dan Miskokomon has been re-elected as the Chief of Walpole Island First Nation.

The community went to the polls on Saturday, June 9.

Miskokomon, who will serve his third straight term as Chief, gathered 373 votes to earn him the nod.

Kennon Johnson finished second in the race for Chief with 257 votes. Leela Thomas finished third with 233 votes.

The following individuals have been eelcted to serve on Walpole Island First Nation Band Council:

– Lyle Johnson

– Joel Johnson

– Shirley Tooshkenig

– Valarie Waboose

– Muriel Sampson

– Neva Jane Isaac-Sands

– Ron Soney

– Brennan Kale Altiman

– Sharon Elaine Coyle

– Alan Jacobs

– Stephen Tooshkenig

– Arlene Dodge

The Chief and Council members will serve a term of two years.