On March 17, 2017 Lindsay Margeson gave birth to her son Hunter.

It was no ordinary delivery, as Hunter was born in a moving ambulance along the 401, with the help from paramedics from Chatham-Kent EMS.

“We have kept in contact with the EMS and this year for the big first birthday we held a first responders party in Wallaceburg, where we spend a lot of our time,” said Margeson, who lives in Brantford.

“We felt it would be amazing to have our medics there, and in lieu of gifts, ask for donations for the EMS.”

The paramedics asked if the money could be given to the Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village instead, Margeson said.

They ended up raising a total of $450.

Back in April of 2018, Margeson, Hunter and her three other boys met with EMS staff at the Safety Village for the donation.

Here are some submitted photos from the day: