From The Pastor’s Pen – By Brian Horrobin

Why is it that when we have unpleasant stuff to deal with we choose to procrastinate, even when we have the opportunity and ability to deal with it prudently?

When the Israelites were trying to get out of Egypt, and the Lord was afflicting their captors with various plagues, the Pharaoh had a chance to minimize the damage for his people.

However, when given the chance, his pride led him to lengthen the sentence of torture.

A plague of frogs had demoralized the people and when Pharoah had reached his limit, he finally begged Moses to have God step in, but not in the way we would expect.

Moses told Pharaoh that the Lord would give him the privilege of deciding the exact time the frogs would be removed.

Exodus 8:10 records his foolish and unfortunate answer: “Tomorrow”. What? Are you kidding me? Why would he have waited another hour, let alone a full day?

But before we question Pharaoh’s sanity, let’s ask ourselves about the issues in our own lives that we are dragging our feet to deal with.

What are you dealing with right now that needs to be put to bed and dealt with once and for all?

Do you need to forgive someone?

Do you owe anyone some money?

What about a charity that needs volunteers?

Do you really have a good reason for putting off until tomorrow what should be done today?

Whatever it is, get to it and don’t wait another day.

It beats spending one more night with the frogs!