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Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village Sigma P.A.L.S. Boys Camp ages 6-12 were amazed and thrilled to see Calgary Flames defenseman TJ Brodie, Goal Tender for the London Knights Joseph Raaymakers & forward for the Nuremburg Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers Dane Fox visit the camp focused on Philanthropy, Anti Bullying, Leadership, Self Respect/Respect for Others and teach fundamentals of hockey to the boys during sports day.

The stars answered some questions, talked about their careers then went outside to get down to hockey.

After about an hour, the boys shook their hands, thanked them for coming & asked for autographs. “Not much can beat the smiles these boys had today” says Board Member; Gary Patterson. Sigma represents Sigma Chi the Fraternity out of University of Windsor who drive to Chatham each year to volunteer their time to mentor the boys at Sigma P.A.L..S. The pillars of the Sigma Chi represent Friendship, Justice & Learning which align with the Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village values and morals.

The camp is designed to empower local kids to learn about various outlets in the community, learn various tools for stopping a bully and how to be a friend while giving back to your family and community. It is the goal of this camp along with the Delta P.A.L.S. Girls Camp next week to prevent additional over dose and self-harm of teens in Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village

“Injuries are the leading cause of death for people within the ages of 1 and 44 “. The Chatham- Kent Children’s Safety Village is a registered charity focused on saving the lives of children through injury prevention and interactive programs.

The Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village has been recognized around the world for its Safety Endeavours. The Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village was built on the need to raise our children in an environment of safety concentrating on preventable injuries and health issues.

Injury prevention and life saving programs include a specific learning module “Tell Me, Show Me, Involve Me” in direct partnership with local Police, Fire, Paramedics, Utility Companies, Farm Professionals, Conservation Authorities and Health Professionals agree that children/everyone retain information better when they act out the learning process.

The miniature village encompasses regulation sized streets and sidewalks and miniature replicas of local businesses, traffic lights into a real life miniature Chatham-Kent – a must to see.

Since 2006, over 30,000 local children have been trained to predict and prevent deaths, injuries and disabilities. In 2015 expanded programs now include adults, seniors, specialty groups, camps and additional grades for students.

Since 2009 29 local children in Chatham-Kent have been awarded and recognized at our annual Sparky, Elmer & Andy Safety Awards Banquet for their acts of heroism in saving lives, and contributing to a safer community.

The mission of the Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village is to create a safety minded, healthy community by reducing preventable injuries and deaths through specialized programming and camps.