Friday, December 13, 2019

Parts of new ‘Black Gold’ film shot in Dresden

Electric Motion Picture’s, the makers of Red Ryan and Black Donnellys, new 45-minute locally produced movie ‘Black Gold’ did some filming in Dresden recently.

“It is part of our Canadian history anthology Heroes and Outlaws, which has won 19 awards to date,” stated Aaron Huggett, writer and director for ‘Black Gold’.

“Our new Black Gold film is set in the 1850s and 1860s, primarily in Black Creek (modern day Oil Springs) telling the true history of how the North American oil industry began. It will feature historical figures: Charles Tripp, JH Fairbank, Hugh Nixon Shaw, James Miller Williams, and others. A story 160 years in the making.”

Huggett said the cast/crew is comprised of 50 volunteers mostly from Southwestern Ontario.

Scenes will be filmed in Oil Springs, Petrolia, Dresden and London.

The film features an important storyline that includes early civil rights icon Josiah Henson.

John Henry Fairbank will be played by his real life direct descendant Michael Henry, son of the late Sylvia, and nephew of Charlie Fairbank.

For more info the public can visit EMP Facebook:

Here are some submitted photos from their Dresden filming:

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