Tuesday, December 10, 2019

‘Bigger & better’ on southside for WAMBO 30

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Organizers say the southside of Wallaceburg will be “bigger and better” this year for their 30th annual event.

Wayne Barnier, the southside manager, said they have a full slate of activities planned for the southside of Wallaceburg.

“This year we are doing things a little bit bigger and a little bit better,” Barnier said.

We have got a new kids activity coming in. It is like a big hamster ball. It’s a pool of water where the kids get in these balls and they run them around in this pool. So that should be a real attraction there and we have bouncy for the little ones,” Barnier said.

“Then we still have the have the soap box races, the fire trucks are going to be there. There is a gentleman coming with bicycles this year again. So that should be pretty cool.”

Barnier said they also have stage shows happening agian, which were started about three years ago.

“We have a mad scientist. He is going to a show on the main stage. We have got a karate show going at the main stage and we have got a 50’s/60’s group singing. Very excellent 50’s/60’s group called Timeless. They are going to do two shows.”

Barnier added: “Of course the antique tractors. We are just trying to keep it going. There are different food vendors. All different clubs around town are helping out.”

Barnier said a big attraction is the cardboard boat races.

“They seem they are going to be a main stay,” he said.

“As of right now it looks to be there are about eight boats registered already. The boats races are going to
be around 1 p.m. on Saturday.”

Barnier said the main events for the southside is Saturday, but there is special event this year on Friday night.

“And also this year, something new too, is Movie night for Friday night,” he said.

“We are having a movie night by the Harbour Court in the green area where the firetrucks usually are on Friday night. 6:30 p.m. they bring out all the toys and everything for the kids to play with and than 8 p.m. depending on the sunshine and that we will blow up the screen and once it gets dark enough they will start the movie. That should be a nice attraction there.”

Barnier added: “We try to do something different every year. We are looking to have another good year. The good Lord willing and it doesn’t rain we will do another show.

WAMBO 30 is taking place August 10, 11 & 12.

For more details, visit wambo.ca.

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