The Optimist Club of Sombra Township will be hosting a “Meet The Candidates Night” on Wednesday, September 19 at the Port Lambton Community Hall from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

All candidates from both Ward 1 and Ward 2 of St Clair Township running in the October 22 election have been invited.

Each candidate will be given a short time to introduce themselves and talk about their platform.

This will be followed by some questions from the audience.

Everyone is invited to attend.

Running or Mayor of St. Clair Township:

– Jeff Agar

– Steve Arnold

– Brian Everaert

– Ed Linton

Deputy Mayor:

– Pete Gilliland

– Steve Miller

Ward 1 Councillor (three elected):

– Pat Brown

– Jim Degurse

– Neil Fulkerson

– Michelle Kelly-Maitland

– Tracy Kingston

Ward 2 Councillor (two elected):

– Rose Atkins

– Robin Donahue-Parsons

– Bill Myers