The Chatham-Kent Police Service have issued a reminder about winter driving and driving on snowy roads.

“Snow on a road may be hard-packed and slippery as ice,” police officials said in a media release.

“Or it can be smooth and soft. Wet snow can make for slushy roads. Heavy slush can build up in the wheel wells of your vehicle and can affect your ability to steer.”

Police officials added: “Remember to increase your following distance and look ahead as you drive, so you can recognize hazards with plenty time to respond. Consider purchasing snow tires for your vehicle, they improve traction in the snow.”

The Chatham-Kent Police Service reminds all motorists to drive according to the road and weather conditions.

“Slow down and be prepared before heading out by checking the weather forecast or Ministry of Transportation Traveler Information Service at as highway conditions are updated regularly.”

Police officials also remind motorists to clear their windshield.

“The most important function of your windshield is to allow you to navigate safely,” police officials said in a release.

“Remember, that operating a vehicle with a snow-covered windshield is not only dangerous, but against the law. During the winter months, make sure you have a snow brush and ice scraper in your vehicle. Motorists in a hurry often only clear the windshield; please take the extra time to clear all windows of your vehicle.”

Police officials added: “It is an offence to drive with an obstructed view. Having no clear view to the front, sides or rear of your vehicle may result in a $110 fine.”