(Municipality of Chatham-Kent)

Chatham-Kent Council is set to meet for a regular meeting on Monday night, January 14, 2019.

The meeting is set to begin at 6 p.m. at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre in Chatham.

A link to the full agenda can be seen, here.

Some of the items up for discussion, include:

– A report on multiple community meetings held recently by Mayor Canniff and local Councillors, which includes recommendations for the creation of a $400,000 reserve fund in the base budget.

– A report on Concert Bands in Chatham-Kent.

– A presentation by Steve Brown, director of Financial Services, about the 2018 BMA Municipal Study.

– A presentation by Chantal Perry, program manager for employment and social services, about the 2018 Registry Week Enumeration Final Report.

– A motion by Councillor Brock McGregor requesting a ‘Lessons Learned Report’ related to the 10/7 Café.

– A motion by Councillor Doug Sulman discussing the location of Cannabis Retail Stores.

– Offer to purchase a property on Wilson Street in Dresden.

– A deputation by the Louis Roesch of the Kent Federation of Agriculture and Harry Lawson of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture about ‘Agriculture Matters – A Guide for Municipal Councillors and Staff’.

– A report on Ontario Works Assistance – Administrator Appointment.

– A report on the October 2018 Budget Variance Forecast.

– A report on the authorization of payments to Glassroots Media.

– Committee reports from the Drainage Board, Chatham-Kent Board of Health, Chatham-Kent Library Board and the Tilbury BIA.