Wednesday, February 26, 2020

99.1 launches ‘The Train’ in Northern Ontario

By Tami Eagen – Sydenham Current

Five Amigos Broadcasting, the owner of Wallaceburg’s radio station 99.1 CKXS, has launched a new radio station in Northern Ontario.

103.1 FM CJBB ‘The Train’ is a classic rock radio located in Temiskaming Shores and is owned by the Northern Radio Corporation. Five Amigos owns a percentage of the station.

“At heart, ‘The Train’ is a classic rock radio station with an extra dash of Canadiana and southern/country-rock that speaks to the area’s geography and demographics,” Jay Smith, assistant general manager at 99.1, told the Sydenham Current.

“The main playlist concentrates on music from 1970-1999 with some trips to the 60s and 50s throughout as well.”

Smith said 99.1 news anchor and long-time broadcaster Bill Cole is the news director for CJBB and former Wallaceburg resident and radio personality Lee Marshall is the station manager, as well as the morning show host of ‘The Train’.

Smith said Marshall is one of the most memorable personalities he has ever come across in the radio world, adding that Marshall’s knowledge of the radio industry and the music business is second to none.

Along with Cole and Marshall, 99.1 personalities will be heard sporadically on commercials, special features and voicetracks, Smith said.

“Our concentration, however, remains on CKXS and our home base. The technical operation and administration of CJBB is shared between our two offices, Smith said.

“There’s a certain pride and a giant sense of responsibility that comes with it all. It takes much more money than you imagine, you’re constantly tired and it ain’t easy work.”

Launching this new station reminded Smith of the launch of CKXS back in 2009.

Smith said their experience as an independent company making decisions from inside the station itself and learning from them is playing a major role in how CJBB is developing.

“We hope those prior lessons and experiences help us shape CJBB into a true vital piece of the local landscape in Temiskaming Shores,” Smith said.

“Likewise, those same experiences will continue to shape CKXS and Five Amigos Broadcasting as we continue to grow, learn and support our community.”

Expansion has always been a goal of Five Amigos, Smith said.

“It’s been a long time coming. Timing has always been the x-factor surrounding any possible expansion. We’ve always been interested in growing our brand and business. Adding a second station or multiple stations has always been a ‘down the road’ possibility Greg (Hetherington), myself and our team have discussed. Now, nearly a decade into Five Amigos Broadcasting, some opportunities have presented themselves that we’ve been able to capitalize on.”

Five Amigos has also applied for a FM radio signal in Listowel, Ontario as well.

A decision from the CRTC is expected to be announced later this summer, Smith said.

To check out 103.1 CJBB, you can visit their website, here.

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