Thursday, January 23, 2020

Crew Cuts is celebrating 25 years in Wallaceburg

Crew Cuts in Wallaceburg is celebrating 25 years in business this month.

Anne Marie Vink-Benoit, owner of the salon, said they are excited to celebrate this special milestone.

“Word of mouth has been great,” Vink-Benoit said.

“We have got a lot of repeat business. We have a lot of people who do come from out of town to enjoy the staff here. Our prices are very reasonable and we intend to keep them that way but you get great quality of work.”

She added: “You don’t have to pay a big buck to have an excellent quality.”

The current Crew Cuts staff, include: Bernad Popieul, Chris Roy, Sarah Doan, Tracy O’Brien and Vink-Benoit.

The business is celebrating 25 years during the first week of February.

“Everybody is working hard and continues to do so,” Vink-Benoit said.

Not only does Crew Cuts offer quality hairstylists, they also offer aesthetics.

“Facials, manicures, waxing, electrolysis, pedicures,” Vink-Benoit said.

“I am a certified aesthetician, which means I have gone to college, I have my diploma. Aesthetics is not a licensed industry and anyone can take a workshop here and there and claim to do what we do, but you have to make sure that the girl or guy working on you have their certification in order to have professionalism.”

Vink-Benoit said you can’t learn all this information in two days.

“It is usually a two year program or a one year at a private college. It is anatomy, physiology. It is the cosmetics, it is the application, it is the human body. It is very in depth and you can’t be good at what you do unless you know your groundwork first.”

Vink-Benoit said Crew Cuts has had an excellent team over the years.

“We have had a lot of friendly faces come and go,” she said.

“We were happy with everyone that has ever been through our doors and we have wished them well when they have moved on or retired. We have been a nice spot. People are happy to come back here. They enjoy their time here. The salon can get a little bit hectic once in a while with some jokes and lots of laughter, it has been a happy spot to be in. It is a great atmosphere and other people hear about that.”

The business is located at 905 James Street in Wallaceburg, at the base of the Lord Selkirk Bridge.

“So if you feel like you need a new you, come to Crew Cuts. You can call to make an appointment… 519-627-8097 is the hair salon and 519-627-7573 is the aesthetics line.”

Here are some photos, which take look back at the salon over the years:

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