Learn how to plan, design, and implement permaculture principles in your garden, on your farm, or in your community.
Three Acre Permaculture is hosting a 9-month certificate course that starts April 7th.
Join us for the first Sunday of every month for a combination of curriculum, hands-on learning, and group activities.

Permaculture is interested not just in sustainability but creating regenerative structures that positively impact our societies on social, economic, and environmental levels. It’s an umbrella term that is closely related to ecology, agro-ecology, re-wilding, food forests, reverse desertification, land restoration, appropriate technology, animal husbandry, addressing symptoms of extreme climate events, carbon sequestration, homesteading, and small-scale farming. This is why you can find permaculture courses that incorporate a variety of practical and theoretical skills.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a certificate in hand, practical design and implementation skills, and a renewed sense of motivation and community.

For more information or to register: http://threeacrepermaculture.com/pdc