Voxx Socks and Insoles will be there… Everyone was simply amazed at the technology of the Voxx socks and Insoles..
I have been an associate now for over two years and I just really need to know your shoe size in order to give you the best fit..
We have athletic socks, wellness socks ( great for diabetics) knee highs, colourful prints in all sizes..
If you would like to hear more either give me a shout 519 683-6036 or find my group on facebook Heather`s Happy Feet.
Will have a lot of new colours and styles at the show this year… If you are already wearing them.. it is simply you already know your size..
will be running a special on them for that day ONLY.. as the company as jumped the price of the socks by $5.00 a pair..
Stop by and take a look…